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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pop, Ping!

How to preserve what is good.........

It's in the washing. Taking off the dirt of this life and remembering from whence you came......and not wanting to go back.
It's remembering to surround yourself with those that will add flavor to your life and not taint it.....

Life doesn't have to be bland. You can still have spice. I remember from whence I came and I cherish this new life so much more........more than words could ever describe!

Packed in jars, placed in boiling water til the seal is good and hot. Then once you take them out and place them on the counter.....You sit and wait to hear the pop,ping of the lid. It is then the seal takes place to preserve what is good.
Before this life can be preserved it must be washed of the dirt and the grime. Call upon His name and when you have turned away from all that is tainted.........The seal will take place. And just as I love to hear the pop, ping when my jars let me know they have sealed....I'd like to think the angels in heaven are waiting for each and every POP,PING!

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