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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never Close Doors!

I often come upon moments.......Moments often come upon me when the words aren't there to give. When I am wordless. I'm one that needs to soak in what I hear....So I soak all night thinking of what to say, how I can help. And somethings are greater than any word that can be given. I reach deep and I come up with "Never close doors."  "Always leave one open." No matter how upset, no matter how great the hurt. And sometimes you need to look with in.....Sometimes He wants you to pull from deep with in. Is it really "them" that you need? Are you depending on "Them" too much? My emotions they rise and they fall. I breathe deep because I honestly don't have the answer to what you question.
In all my pregnancies my emotions ran high, then dropping to a crashing low. I tried hard to decipher the "real" between the blown out of proportion made up moments......Now don't get me wrong I'm not taking sides! I can't. I'm not called to take sides. I'm called because when either side needs me I want to be there. I want to leave that "Door Open" ALWAYS! And life is hard but....You always have someone on this side of heaven....You always have me. And I'm not perfect. I too, stumble and fall

And through all of this.... The God/Man wants to show you something.....That your stronger than you believe yourself to be. My precious friend your as strong as the Faith that's planted inside you. Cling to Him, talk to Him, All you ever need is Him. Not me, not them.....There will be those times where "we" will fail you. Oh not on purpose, not intentionally.....Remember I'll always be sin soaked. We are all sin soaked.
And in the morning light, things seem to be not as they were when you were in the moment. And little Mama maybe it's time to cut the strings that attach you too tight.......Dependency is a funny thing when it comes to the sin soaked here on earth. It's good to be able to, but in the same way it's crippling. Don't be crippled. It's not going to be easy Nobody ever said Life is easy.  But it's bearable. Dependency only works when you depend on the only one you can trust. He will NEVER let you down!

Be Joyful in all things! Give thanks for all things Good or Bad.........He is mighty, He does great things with the ugly in our lives. Never lose sight of how precious you are to Him and when others let you down, when I let you down....Remember His Promises!

And little Mama I'm always here, always have been. So when you get a chance, stop in I have something for you......


  1. You.
    Are precious.
    To Jesus.
    And me!

  2. Feelings are mutual friend! Praying for you and your girls as you travel and allow God to use you in great and mighty ways! Love you and stay safe!