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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The List

They say you should make a list. A list of all the things you need/want to accomplish. And so she writes her list. To them, days seem like years before the sleep over will ever get here.......One, making a list and counting each and every minute, the other packing and repacking her bag.
Anything that was of any importance made the list.....I remember friendships like this. Being so excited that I thought I would split in 6 different directions.
And I wonder what lists have I made lately if any.......I scratch here, I mark there. Put a list in my purse take it shopping. I jot down curriculum and thoughts, Favorite recipes and goals. I fumble through my lists and no where on the list do I find what's really important.

If anything of importance is suppose to be on the list than why do I struggle with putting Him at the very top? And my mind, it's been so very fuzzy lately. I can't keep a single thought in one place. The lists they get scrambled and I stumble and the important things don't get done.....Oh to be little and have their kind of list again.......
And I know the reason for my fuzziness I need to go get my lists....put them all together on one sheet of paper, and on the very top I'll put His name....

In all I do I want to do for you.....In all my thoughts I want to think of you........In all my ways I want to go with you.......In all my lists, they will start with you.....And Precious Father when I stumble and become all fuzzy headed will you gently guide me back?

Do you know those girls accomplished everything on their list at least twice!

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