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Monday, June 27, 2011

His Light Shines on the Little Details

I never tire of His Tapestry every night. This is our view, This is what we see before the big yellow ball in the sky sneaks away and the lights go on in our home. And right before it slips away I capture this.......

Little round muffins of yellow. And I smile and remember that it will soon be 19 years since I asked Him to be the lamp unto my feet. When His light shines, won't you take the time to notice?

We always seem to notice the Grand  scheme of things. But doesn't He dabble, Doesn't he create, wasn't some of his best work  found in the small and insignificant?...His light was shining on the little details That make the big picture.

His light was shining on Noah, His light was shining on the little Shepherd Boy, His light was shining on little Moses in the basket, His light was shining on Ruth, His light was shining on The Woman at the well, His light was shining on the blind man, His light was shining on The little man in the tree.

His light was shining and still keep shining To show you and I that He is in every detail that creates The Glorious Victory we have, if we choose to let His light shine. You see we are so very small when it comes to the Grand scheme of things.......But oh how he can use us in a mighty way.......Won't you consider being a part of his plan? Another light in the Darkness?

I've been in the dark places and I stayed too long. But I remember that little flicker of light in the cold corners of my heart, how one day it grew! Forgiveness is a powerful thing.......It's the light house on the shore and with every beacon of light shines Grace and Mercy.

I am thankful His light is shining on small, insignificant, little me. May He use me in mighty ways.......

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