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Monday, March 21, 2011

To Bow Down and Pray

If we never reached out, stayed in our own little world pretending there are no hurts, fears, illness' outside these four walls............ what does that say to an aching soul, to an aching world? Sometimes all it takes is to ask if you can pray for them.  To let them know someone would actually take the time and spend it on bended knee............... for them. Seems like such a small gesture but, Oh BELOVED how powerful the prayer. To actually have access to the One, The all Powerful one, The Mighty physician, The Gentle healer, The Gracious Gift Giver.
When I asked to pray for you yesterday I really didn't expect a response. Or was it that I was hoping that there would be no response. Oh don't get me wrong I want to pray, I have every intention of praying. And I am. It's just that sometimes I find I stay in my own little world protected by these four walls from other people's hurt and pain. Sometimes it seems I have enough to pray for with my kind of large family and all..........Did I really just say that? May I never resign my self from this aching, bleeding world. I also ache and bleed just like you my beloved and I was reminded of that when I was given the chance to pray for a friend. I would of never known of the hurt, I would of never known the concern she has in her heart.......I would of never known unless I asked.

Did I ever tell you that this sin soaked Mama is always learning........still. And sometimes it's things she already knows in her mind but she blocks them from ever reaching her heart. It's her safety mechanism that kicks in and tells her not to get involved because you may feel........you may feel their hurt. Your heart may bleed for them............................

My friend I feel..........I feel your hurt and it causes me to bow down and pray. And somehow even though I ache for you, I feel safe bowing before His throne............

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