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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My vintage Heart In a Contemporary World

In my home I have vintage memories of people in my past. Each one, they have a story to tell. A glimpse into their every day life. Life was simple and yet so hard all at the same time. I find myself wanting to go back there. To the simpler times when family meant something and children were thought to be a blessing and not a curse.......

Back to a time when Love meant letting the man lead the home. Where love and respect went hand in hand. Where women enjoyed being wives and Mamas and believed it was their ministry and not their duty. And on walls hung a sweet little verse that read "In this home we shall serve the Lord"..................

I want my children to know that somewhere this kind of love still exsists. These vintage families they still survive this contemporary world. My heart and soul is a vintage one, that wants to carry on the vintage tradition of  serving and loving our Lord, homemaking, gardening, canning........This glimpse of the past, this one that they see through pictures and things placed around our home will not be just a memory, but a life that they live. One that they will carry on into their home, this Vintage Love.

And when all is said and done and their age has crept in and colored their hair a shining silver, this vintage love, the one that carried them through life will live on long past their time here. My prayer is that God and His holy, breathing, living word carries through the veins and the branches of this ever growing vine.

Please don't read me wrong, I still enjoy the conviences of this every day modern world, but I cling to His word and how He tells me to live. To make a marriage work, to make a family work you have to know the order..........

TRIANGLE LOVE: God-Husband-Wife

Draw a diagram with God at the Top of a Triangle, the Husband and Wife at the bottom

If you notice the more you and your spouse get closer to the Lord, the closer you become to eachother.....And where there is a strong marriage there is a strong Family. A VINTAGE FAMILY.

When I say vintage you may assume that it means "old" but it doesn't! This is the definition as Mr. Webster wrote it in 1828:

VINTAGE: The Produce of the vine for the season. The vintage for the season is  abundant.

By the way I started this post out also thinking that vintage meant old and then something told me to look it up in the dictionary. I had already wrote "My prayer is that God and His holy, breathing, living word carries through the veins and the branches of this ever growing vine." I love it when God writes through me. :)

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  1. So good. This post definitely resonates with my heart. And I shared it on my Facebook so others would be blessed by it! Blessings! ~Mb