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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding What Works Among The Mess

In the kitchen among the plastic and what looks like a mess, I find her. It's where she goes when her Mama is cooking, preparing dinner for the ones that come barreling through the door right around 6. And it's her place, it's where she plays.  It's where they all played, in the Tupperware cupboard. Sometimes you find what works among the mess.

It keeps her busy, close by while I'm busy. She doesn't know about the mess or that it's just one more that I'll have to clean up at the end of my day. I've become pretty good at cleaning up messes. she is worth it to me. They are all worth the mess to me.
And that's where He found me, among the mess. Among the dirt and the grime of this world. He found that this lost broken soul, She could could be fixed. He found I was workable in all my mess. And even though there were so many times I thought I wasn't worth it, He pulled me out , picked me up, dusted me off and told me I am........I am worth it. I was worth the effort, worth the price he paid. Because I am his. I belong to Him........I am The King's child. So He made me presentable, so that when I go home, I will go with out one stain. there will be no blemishes. no dirty corners or crevasses to be cleaned. Nothing hiding behind the door of my heart.......
I love because He first Loved me. In all my mess, He still loved me.

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