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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Moments All Wrapped Up In Pink Sponge

It all started when Butterfly girl asked for curls like her doll, Laney. Then I remembered instantly how two little girls use to get curly hair by morning light. Heads wrapped up tight in pink sponge.

Mama would roll each one with patience and love.  Once in a while we would go up on the hill to spend the night, and strangely enough Grandma and her daughters knew how to roll with that same kind of patience.......that same kind of love. Sometimes you just gotta give in.......give into the goofyness of it all. To feel pretty, to be girly. Isn't that how we were made?
 Because inside every young girl, is a young woman slowly blooming to become the beautiful flower God meant for her to be. Big sister curls little sister and from the other room I can hear....."Stop moving!" "Ouch stop pulling!" and then giggly laughter because they realize how silly this looks.

It's strange to me how the simple things like this are what we cherish the most. Little moments all wrapped up in pink sponge.
And I'll always remember these faces. They are the faces of four little girls, two from my past and two from my present.
And as simple and goofy as this may seem to you, I pray that my girls learn to roll with that same kind of patience....that same kind of love.
Oh that they will have many more wonderful moments all wrapped up in pink sponge.

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