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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"On My Own"

Extra proud that he thought of it on his own. That he saw what it could be lying there on the ground. This little man of mine thinks he's ready for a BB Gun. Daddy says "He'll just have to keep on making them till I say he's  ready."
There's a notch in just the right place to pull the trigger.........
He found some pvc and made his scope. Drilled some holes to make it look authentic and I smile and ask You really did this all on your own?  And the world stands still, freezes in the moment, while my mind races through the files of pictures and the memories of my baby boy. Where on earth is it? The file with the exact point and time, when he grew up before my eyes.....and all the while I'm trying to figure things out.....He is explaining all the little details of how he made his gun,  "with only a little bit of help Mama, I did most of it on my own."

Then I smile wide and cringe hard inside at the words that had escaped ......."On my own"

For some reason it's not so hard to imagine anymore ...........

I'm secure in knowing that although they will all be out on their own, they know they will never be alone.

 I'm always amazed at the speed of life and sometimes I feel I'm standing on the outside looking in. Watching my present escape me, minute by glorious minute.........I choose to take every one of those gorious minutes wrap them up in a pretty bow and keep them for another time when I need to smile, when I need to remember they grew up knowing they were never alone.

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