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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eyes Wide Open, Head Held High!

"Mama I know what kind of cake I want, can I make it?"

What? Make your own birthday cake? That's against the rules! I laugh, she giggles that deep belly giggle she's had since she was 2. Oh how I love that girl's laugh, it's like no other.....contagious, it'll make you laugh even when you don't want to. "I want the 1-2-3-4 cake with Raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting!"
I question how she became 13 all of a sudden......This feisty 2 year old who had to have her socks just so, and her sleeves just right. My little blond headed ball of sunshine. Full of that deep belly laughter. It always bubbles out of her.

She is like no other......Head strong, determined, just plain Happy to be who she is. Her Beauty is truly found with-in and it over flows to the out side and makes her as pretty as a picture. And I often wonder......If back then, I were half the girl she is.............
And I find I need her. Not for things to be done, but for her smiles, her laughter, her witty remarks, her loving spirit.........I find I need her presence. I need my Sunshine!
13 years ago my 10 lb. 2 oz baby girl came bursting into this life, head held high. She rolled over right after she was born and turned around then lifted her head to look up at her new world. She came into this world with storms and tornadoes all around. The midwife almost didn't make it in time.

She came into this world, eyes wide open, head held high, STRONG. And if any one knows my Shiney, they will tell you that's just who she is today.   Her heart is full, her Savior lives there. And she Serves.......Eyes wide open, Head held high, Strong in the Lord. If you have never met this amazing girl, you'll have to take a moment walk up to her and shake her hand. You will know right away what I am talking about........She is my Sunshine and oh does she shine BRIGHT!!!   I love you sweet baby girl!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Cake looks yummy! May God bless you through the year and years to come!

  2. That is Shiney (I never thought of how it was spelled!) to be sure. . . a precious, growing young woman of God whose joy overflows to everyone around her. I'm glad she had a wonderful birthday and I look forward to watching her grow to be even more like her Savior and the mama who loves them both so much!