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Friday, January 7, 2011

Through Blurry Screens And Hand Printed Windows

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones when the subjects are unaware.....
Even through blurry screens and sun glared, hand printed windows......

 Even though I can't seem to zoom in close enough.........

Seperated only by years but not in spirit. She prayed for a baby sister and God is a Gracious Giver. Some how, even when there are 12 winters that come between them, they seem so very similar. Always smiling , always happy, always moving......

And she helps me go back, back to when Sunshine  use to sit in my lap. She helps me remember the little things I all too often forget about my babies.......And I'm etching the memories ever deeper in my mind. I don't want to forget, I don't want to let go of the now. I'm learning how to grasp each and every moment and make it count. Even the raw and not so nice moments. The sleepless nights and fussy days. I can't leave anything out.

Have you ever left something out of a recipe. Salt? It tastes..... not so nice by itself, but when you mix just the right amount in with that something sweet. They compliment eachother.

We live, learn and love not by the good days only, but by the sleepless nights and runny noses. By the broken hearts and skinned up noses. They all, the good and the bad, make for a wonderful recipe. And when you remember what goes into the recipe, what made the recipe wonderful, won't you be thankful, Thankful to the Gracious Giver? The Giver of ..............This Precious LIFE
 Don't be consumed by bad days and ugly feelings......For even the bad days quickly fade away.
And when you become a Mama........It's not about you any more.....And really, isn't life much better when others are your focus.......when others are in the PICTURE.

Ten Times Blessed And Truly Thankful!

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