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Monday, January 3, 2011

His Truth Dwells There

Last year this place was filled with honest words and heart felt prayers.  And through out this past year the one thing that lay heavy on my heart........the one thing that won't let me go is how aware I am that words can wound. Wether they are spoken or tapped out here for you all to see. I'm so very conscious of what is being said, how it is being said.

 I know that it is inevitable that what I might say might hit hard and open wide. And please hear me, that would never be my intentions! I'm a peace loving kind of girl. Always have been.....I'm not one for confrontations.

And it seems as much as I was aware, as much as I made a point not to offend, I still did........

But it was not my words that had offended.

The words, well they were His.........

There is one thing that I will never apologize for and that is His WORD Spoken

So it seems fair for me to start this new blogging year right and let you know my heart aches for those who have been hurt, but my heart is a faithful one. My heart knows that His word is Truth and Truth shall prevail.

So Beloved if you pass this place and the words here are too much for you to bare........I only speak with honesty. My heart is filled with love because He dwells there. His Truth dwells there. And I will not apologize for His Truth...........But I will pray for you. And I will love, no matter what you feel to be the truth.......

This Truth I speak of is JESUS CHRIST


  1. Amen! This tells me you are of strong faith. I will pray for you :0)

  2. Oh thankyou for your prayers! Prayer is the most powerful thing God has given us!