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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Once A Mama, Always A Mama

Mama had been swollen with life for sometime now. To our surprise she emptied life out, right in front of us. We were coming home from Sunday Church, I saw Mama struggling. "Hurry Johnnny, Stop the truck! The kids have to see this!!"

 This is how they learn, feel and grow. Seeing life and all that it holds. All that there is to see, all they haven't seen. Precious LIFE.

They have to see how Mama, swollen with life, lets go and gives in to the natural process. They have to see that she uses all that's with in her, all the strength that's in her, so that her body can let go and give life.
I wanted them to see in wonder how Mama immediately knew what to do. She cleans her baby off. And right away she helps him to try and stand.

No one showed her, she just knew. It's that Mama love that takes hold, takes over.

 Much in the same way it takes a hold of me. "That Mama love."

Swollen with life, I remember it took all that I had in me, all the strength I had in me to let go and give life......And oh how I would do it again just to hold precious new life and watch them grow. I can't help it, I was made to be a Mama.  I feel so blessed to be chosen. Chosen for the Ministry of Motherhood.

I ran into a dear friend in the grocery store today. We were talking about kids, hers and mine. How she can't wait to be a Nana someday......Then she looks at me and says "you are such a wonderful Mommy!"
Oh I don't know about wonderful, I try, I said.

You see I'm this sin soaked Mama, who from time to time needs a soul drenched rain washing. The amazing thing is.......It's not just our kids that are growing, I'm growing and learning right along with them.

And as we grow, we live life, live this life the best we can.

In the spring time Mama will have to let her calf go, And oh do they whale and cry out for their babies. They call them for 3 days wondering where they are. So sad to hear them mourn.

I'm learning how to let go little by little, piece by piece. The mile stones they seem to speed pass oh so quickly. There is one thing that always stays, one thing that never changes in a Mama's life........

Once a Mama always a Mama......Enjoy this life, Enjoy your kids always...................


  1. Wow Kimmy, What a blessing to find and read your blog. Thank you for your faithfulness to your family and John. You are a true inspiration to all of us in Sunday School.

    In Him, Chris M

  2. Beautiful! I love the pics of Isaiah and Kole. Isaiah loves coming to see Kole.