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Monday, January 24, 2011

Early Morning Symphony

It's late January and I'm seeing the first signs of Spring......
I'm led outside by God's Orchestra . I take my seat for an audience of one. All for me, this Symphony. It helps if your an early riser.......Oh I don't like to be, but these are the times when He reminds me I should be.

The robins, they don't stay long enough for me. I'm a northern girl at heart. But I enjoy them so when they pass through on their long journey to bring spring.

I'm in His place. I stand on His holy Ground. I stand among the created and I rejoice and sing Thankful praise to the Director of this Symphony just for me.

Did you ever wonder why they migrate? Why they just don't stay where it's warm all year round? His creation always amazes me. How everything that was made knows exactly what to do, where to go, and how to exist. He takes care of them. Watches over them from above. His eye is on the sparrow.

As the crescendo slowly rises, my morning also has a crescendo. The voices and giggles from the rooms down the hall. Those early morning voices that crack the silence, like cracking eggs for the pan. It's an inviting sound, one you want to wake up to when your a Mama.

And His Creation sings in harmony this morning! What a wonderful Symphony! Are you listening?

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