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Monday, December 6, 2010


As a little girl I remember a manger scene a lot like this one, dreamy and beautiful.
I would gaze at it for hours......

I was curiously watching and listening, unaware that even a simple manger scene would be the start of my journey.

Unaware that what I was drinking in was to stay with me on my travels through this life.......
Unaware of the impact that my surroundings of my childhood home would have on me today. And don't we have to start somewhere?

The start of our journey begins with what we were given as a child, but it's what we make of the things we were given that matters.......And even though my family and I didn't come to know his saving Grace til quite some time later. My Mama some how knew that it was important to have that little babe lying there in that dreamy manger scene. She knew he needed to be there, he needed to come.
As I look back on my travels I see all the places I've been and he was there.....He was always there waiting for me. In the whispers of every day life, In our home town church my Mama took us to, He was there in the Dreamy Manger scene. Today I am still mesmerised by His Faithful love.

The manger scene was painstakingly made by my sister. It took tons of hot wax and many hours of melting the hot wax to form it into what you see here and was given to me as a Christmas present last year.....

186. My Sisters Gift
187. Childhood surroundings
188. Mama knowing He needed to be there


  1. Kimmy, it is these things that bring us back to the Heart of Christmas. So beautiful & such a wonderful present.

  2. Such a special post, Kimmy. Your sister gave you a gift that reminds you of earlier times. I love your writing style.

  3. Definitely Still Dreamy! The neat part about it is remembering to see Christ through a child's eyes.....your eyes....my eyes. Love you always Kimmy.