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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Rooms To Fill

"Mama can I use your phone?" Who are you calling? "You will see."  My Butterfly girl, she is only 8, but years beyond that in the wisdom of her heart. Her Grammy answers the phone and they talk for a while before she states the real reason she has called.
"Grammy do you know what I want for Christmas more than anything else?"  A slight pause and then I hear......."Grammy could you put a bow on your head and come see me for Christmas?" My heart melts because in all truth her wish list is the same as mine.
And it's the miles that keep us apart......And the things that tie us down at home that makes it difficult to break away. But what really touches my heart...........is Butterfly girl's heart.
And I have discovered this Christmas, that it's not just all about giving from the heart, but more about the growing of the heart. I believe Butterfly girl's heart is growing.......

I believe my heart is growing right along with hers. If you think of your heart as a house and as time allows, you keep adding on rooms. And so with the growing comes more rooms to fill.......Rooms to fill with LOVE for others.

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  1. I so enjoy visiting you, Kimmy. I talked with both our granddaughters today. They live in Maine and we live in WV. So, I understand your heart when it comes to the distance of miles that keep you and Butterfly Girl from being able to be with loved ones. The Lord is giving us a precious gift this Christmas...our Maine family will arrive here Christmas night! The excitement in the girls' voices today as we planned out things we want to do while they are here just made my heart melt! My heart is tendered toward your Butterfly Girl's wish for her Grammy to put a bow on her head and come to see her.

    Thanks so much for sharing this special growing moment. It did my heart a world of good!