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Monday, December 13, 2010

Where Are You CHRISTmas?

I remember a time, a time long, long ago......When all that was playing on an old upright record player was Nat king Cole and a very old version of the little drummer boy. I remember a time when Christmas seemed so magical. The lights under the snow seemed to draw you in like a fire below the mantle. I remember when time went slow, slower than usual.
I remember shopping with Daddy trying to find the perfect gift for Mama. I remember loved ones all gathered round....... young and old, sisters and brothers, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and cousins. I remember Grandma's tree, how every year she always had something special hidden in one of the branches.

And today I'm remembering a man that has been such a big part of Christmas in my childhood memories. He passed away December 12th 2000. He was Santa on Christmas Eve. He was full of life, full of laughter, full of love and I miss him terribly........I miss his laughter, his jokes, his bear hugs. His voice was like crackling fire, a sound you never forget. I miss what he brought to Christmas all those years ago. I miss My Grandpa.

And I know he is not Christmas himself, but he shared Christmas. He is a part of who I am. a part of all of us.

After he had passed away.........I found myself looking for Christmas again.........You know that feeling you get when your a child. I wanted it back.

I was given this tree not long after he had passed.........
It almost didn't make it. It got thrown on the floor during shipment and broke into many pieces. My Daddy brought it in to me and together we put the tiny slivers of ceramic together. It's monetary worth is absolutely nothing...........But to me it's value is precious, for it was his tree. The tree I remember as a child every Christmas Eve. And now every year it holds it's place here in my dining room.
Now, I know Christmas is not about decorations or magical feelings. But the feelings you get when you are surrounded by the ones you love are what brings Christmas to your heart. And if Christ is the reason you celebrate Christmas, If CHRISTmas is in your heart, than the joy and love has never left, even though loved ones may have left you........He will never leave ........CHRISTmas will never leave you.

189. Christmas lives in my heart
190. Grandpa's crackling voice
191. Ceramic Christmas tree held together by glue
192. Treasures tucked away in the branches


  1. Very sweet... Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your grandpa...very nice.

  2. What a special post about your grandpa! I had one who was very special to me, as well. I am so glad that your grandpa's ceramic tree was able to be put back together. Bless your dad for coming to your aid.

    Hugs this Christmas season.