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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Five Precious Reminders

 This is what happens when my camera falls into someone elses' hands..........
 And they often remind me that I need to smile more..........frown a lot less.
 They remind me that life is too short to be so serious, so matter of fact all the time. They remind me that it's ok to be spontaneously silly. They bring to mind the little girl I once knew.......She is still here, when I invite her to come Play.
It's seeing their smiles that makes my heart melt. It's their deep belly laughter that tickles my soul all the way to my toes.
They remind me how truly blessed this Mama is.......That My true calling, my most precious role in this life is being their Mama.
I'm often asked "How do you manage?"  How do you do it?" My answer.........I'm in love with five of the most precious gifts God has chosen me to give birth to, to welcome into this world with open arms. I was made to be a Mama. I was made to be their Mama.

I'm THANKFUL for my FIVE Precious Reminders..........

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