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Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn's Jewels

Two large, black garbage bags filled with Autumn's Jewels. I had only asked for a small bag, just a hand full would of pleased me. These two bags made it 1200 miles on the back of My Daddy's Big Truck.
But if you knew her, if you knew my Beautiful Sister, you would understand her "all or nothing" attitude towards life. She has always been that way........Ever since I can remember. And that's what I love about her. I love that she goes all out and leaves nothing left unchecked.
We took a break from the books, and even I took a break from being a grown up.

Did I tell you about the smell that consumed every thought that my mind had held captive after all these years, when I opened the bag? I'm sure I left my head in the bag for a good couple of minutes. Oh the memories blowing by with the wind. Like the leaves that get picked up with each gust, they dance in the sky and I imagine two little girls dancing in a whirl wind of Autumn's jewels.
I love the people in my life.........All these wonderful people are like Autmn's Jewels. Each with their own color, shape and size. All the Precious Jewels that God blows through my life. This is the time of year to remember to be Thankful. And I am..................Thankful, I mean.

But most of all in this particular post I want My Precious sister to know how truly thankful I am that I have always had her in my life. And I remember dancing in a whirl wind of Autumn's Jewels. So here's to you, my precious sister, my precious friend, here's to dancing in the wind and going all out or nothing.

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  1. Kimmy what a beautiful post. Your pictures, heart, and memories were eloquently. The kids had fun and made memories and you re-lived them.