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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Battle Of Light And Dark

I have often talked about Light. I've often talked of how important the rays of the Son are..........

But I must confess..........My eyes, they wanted no part of light.

I was sick all last week. Sick with fever, shivers and chills. The aches and pains were some times more than I could bare.

Illness is of the "dark one" The pain and suffering all starts with him.

And I, in my room wishing the light would go away. I was praying that magical curtains would appear and drape every window of my room. Because the curtains that I have are transparent, for the letting of LIGHT. A battle was raging inside of me. My flesh was fighting the Light.

Isn't that how it is before we accept His light, before we soak in the Son's rays?

Eventually after 3 long days of the Sun spilling through my windows, my eyes were able to take it in. And when the battle was won. The Victory was in the Remembering.........Remembering the frailty of life, Remembering to be thankful for your health. It's remembering to fall to your knees for those who have falllen ill. It's knowing that the Son has VICTORY over flesh, He has won the battle, He has fought the fight.

And in time, when the last battle rages within  and this body can no more, fight.............My Soul ..........She will take FLIGHT, out of the darknes she will soar to SOAK in the SON'S rays for the rest of her ETERNAL LIFE!

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  1. Kimmy, what a great way to relate this uncomfortable situation. Thankful you are feeling better.