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Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am reminded every day, the sacrifices this one man makes for his wife and quiver full. The time and years he has put in. The dreams and hobbies he has put on the back burner while his little ones grow.
He rises every morning with the sun. Even on the days it's hard to get out of bed. I've seen him rise with body aches and fever and still he pushes on. What drives this man? What makes him sacrifice so much? What makes him love this much? I am................Thankful and yet that still doesn't seem to be enough. To be thankful, I mean.

This man of mine truly realizes the important role he plays in our lives. The man that fills these shoes, no one else could. We are meant for him and him for us. He is God's gift. He was picked out especially for us. And through his actions I see his faithful love, I feel secure and well taken care of.
This man that goes to work with out fail every morning, is the same man that nudges me out of bed on Sunday mornings to get ready for Church. He is the same man who loves me unconditionally through all my craziness. This man that keeps me grounded in life when life seems to take flight. I am...................Thankful and yet that doesn't seem to be enough, to be thankful, I mean.

This man who has sacrificed so much to give me what I need and way beyond my needs he also gives me my wants.................... I am Thankful and yet that doesn't seem to be enough, to be thankful, I mean.


  1. I found you via A Holy Experience. I love this post! My husband is much the same way about work: out the door early, to bed late. He provides for me to stay home and teach our children. And, sometimes, I am so ungrateful. This post was a great reminder to show him how thankful I am for him. Thanks!

  2. YOu have a beautiful home. I love the picture of your husband's boots. One of my favorite pictures ever taken was of my husband boots. They are so much a part of who he is for us everyday.

  3. I followed you from Ann’s

    First – I have to say that’s the exact same Wipe Your Paws mat I have – I put mine under the kitty litter box – two of them actually – wow – small world.

    Your hubs – he sounds great – give him a fist bump for me please.

    Thank you for this.

    God Bless