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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What He Wants

I wish I could understand why it is that the heart goes astray.......Why the heart gets so far away from the love that once found them. The love that never lets go.
And it's the struggle between the heart and the mind. The battle that rages within. The walls go up like a fort around the heart. Till the heart forgets that there is love on the out side. A love that it use to know. But now time is taking it's toll. Time wears on and callouses start to form until it hardens.
And we question God, why this burden we have to bare? If you love them............Then won't you take this pain, won't you take it away? Make them whole again. How do I find the strength to get back up again? Don't you hear me? And I've been told that you work the bad into good. But I've seen no good come from this............Where are you Lord?
 I've seen this pain in a loved ones eyes.........I know how it feels to be so far  away but yet we are close enough to touch, but the touch doesn't melt the heart. And the words they don't fill the ears. And the tears they don't run. It's like your not even there. They don't hear, they don't feel. They don't want to feel. I know what it's like to love and not get loved back. I've seen the pain that mental illness can cause and it effects everyone that is close. I know how it feels to be helpless......

I can't tell you that everything will work out all right. I can't tell you, it will all be ok. But what I can tell you is to keep PRAYING.......Keep on your knees. I can tell you that prayer does work. I can tell you that prayer filled her eyes with tears, tears that she couldn't cry for years, but was able to cry them on her death bed. I can tell you that prayer kissed her lips and she said "I love you" She said "I love you" for the first time since her mind was locked up in that cold, mental prison. She was able to show love in the very last days of her life. To show a love that the doctors said she never would. And people may say that we missed out on so much and that may be true, but there is one thing that we will never forget, The Power of Prayer and all that it holds. You see the reason we pray is not to get what we want, but to give Him what He wants. What He wants is our hearts. What He wants is our time. And in time our desires become His desires. It is then that our prayers become affective.
 If you have a loved one who has shut the door and locked you out, locked God out. I'm on bended knee and I'm praying for you tonight. Know that prayer is power, Prayer is LOVE between you and HIM.......

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