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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Love Action

I've always offered, to me the invitation was always an open one. I figured they would come, they would know I meant what I said..........
With all things I guess, so many times it's just talk. Just words to make one feel better.
When I was young in mind I use to think that words said, would be all that was needed to make things right, to make life what it needed to be.
But as this mind of mine grows and it finds that the years have brought a little wisdom........I realize that words are just words if there is not an action to go with them.

Why is it that we need an invitation to be with the ones we love? I often wonder that.

 "Are you sure you want to have your every Sunday taken away?"  "My every Sunday?"..........It would not be taken away......but given back, given back to Him. TV turned off. Us sitting all together, laughing, eating, planning and scheming. Memories in the making, fresh and new.

Last Sunday........ Our very first "Open Door Sunday" was born. A Love Action was made, it followed the words that have always been said. Words that I've always meant, but no one knew until I made a love action.

"Open Door Sunday" means that you don't need an invitation. You come and go as you please and I will have food and you will be my company. It means that I won't be hurt if you don't come, But I'll be happy if you do. So if your in the neighborhood, wouldn't you surprise me if you made a love action and just showed up at my Open Door?

By the way the first Open Door was a Success! We laughed, We ate good food, And our hearts beat in unity with every love action.

Oh, we usually eat around 1:30 p.m.   But you can come any time!
129. Open Door Sunday
130. A Love Action
131. Open Door
132. Open Heart
133. Good Food
134. Good company
135. T.V. turned off


  1. Me, too! My door has been closed too often in the past year. It's time to open it back up. And maybe even close it--as I visit another. <3

  2. One million times - YES! I love this. And your pie crust looks professional!