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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Road Less Traveled

 Rain drops on pine needles, have you ever smelled the rain dripping from a pine?
Sweet fragrance so divine........It brings to mind a sweet memory, When the little girl that still lives inside of me use to walk and run and play on a hill so far away. Time has a way of creeping in and stealing moments that we would like to have last much longer than they do.
It's funny to me how certain smells can wisk you away to a memory you have wrapped up in ribbons, and like a gift they are waiting to be untied and opened.

I got a call from Mama today. Things are happenning up home, life has taken an unexpected turn.  "I'm sorry, I just need to vent" That's ok Mama you go ahead.........
And the words are hard, the kind that choke the throat. Words that your not sure you should say, but have to be said. "I don't know if I can, I'm not sure I am cut out for this." What would you do?"  I pause, because all of a sudden I realize Mama is asking me for advise.....The one I always turned to when times got ruff, when tears would fall.......She's asking me what I would do.........
Oh Mama, I would take her in, in a heart beat I would have her come stay with me. "This won't be easy." she said. But Mama.........I would go to the ends of the earth for you. Tears are being swallowed on both ends of the line. "Thankyou, I know you would." Mama I'm constantly having to empty myself to be filled with Him. This vessel is His, not ours. This could be such a blessing in disguise......for you....... for her.
The memory I'm unwrapping, the one that the rain soaked pine brings to mind is the one of a woman who carried 7 children in her womb stretched thin. A woman who is now at a cross roads in her life, with not much life left. My heart is aching........This woman is my Grandmother. Time is not her friend, so my prayers are an urgent request. I know He hears my heart when I have no words to say, words that should not be said or typed for everyone to see.

It's hard to let Him lead when you can't see the road He wants you to travel, but when you empty yourself, empty your vessel and let Him take up room and board, Oh the things, the blessings He has instore. When the road seems ruff and less traveled and your sure there has to be a paved highway, trust in Him. He will guide your path. And what was thought only to be a blessing to her, would surely end up blessing you far more..........

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