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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet Our Quiverful

I have so many people up home that I don't get to see very often, maybe once every 3 or 4 years. So I thought I would give you all a glimpse into our little world, a chance to meet the people that God has let me borrow while I'm here on this side of heaven.
My Gentle Giant, Oh my, where do I start? This use to be my little man. His very first word was "Big  Da". Which means Big Truck in baby language. If anything were to run through your veins, passed on from one generation to the next. It is true for him. Trucks have been driving through this boy's veins since he was born. Ever since he could walk, he was always over with Daddy in the shop. I couldn't keep him away. I have pictures upon pictures of him all greased up. He started driving them at the age of 8. And now......now he can back them into the dock better than most of the truck drivers that come around.

But when you put all of that aside, he is gentle, fun loving, my observant thinker and turning out to be quite the young man. His faith and knowledge in Christ is growing daily. And as a Mama I couldn't be more proud! I love him with  all my heart..........

My Sunshine Girl! I always sang "You are my Sunshine" to her as a baby. She always has been, always smiling, always moving. My social butterfly. My right hand! God's faithful servant. She has a servant's heart. I rarely have to ask her for help.....most of the time she is already there waiting in the wing. And it's not just me that she offers up herself, but to every one.

She is my little Chef. I think she.....I know she has out done her Mama in the baking department......in the "His" servant department. And I love her with all my heart................

And this is My Butterfly Girl! She is my nature lover. My sensative gift giver. My butterfly catcher. If you were here on any given day you would find her creating, drawing, and gluing. All of this while she serenades you through out her day. Happy, sweet and sensative. She is the question asker when it comes to our Lord, she wants to know more. And I love her with all my heart..........

This is Bubby, my little man. Most of the time he is full of monkey doodles. Our comic relief. He is bold, daring, and scrumptious! He is Gentle Giant's shadow. Swims like a fish. He says he "always wants to be my baby" And I will let him!  He has a love/hate relationship with school. Loves math, hates writing. He is discovering Jesus and it's so very Precious.............And I love him with all my heart..........
My Sweet Pea, My Little Baby Boo......Most people think she was a surprise at this stage of our lives, but the surprise is that we planned her. Well we gave it to God and He gave us, her. And she is the apple of my eye, loud, laughing, smiling. She came at the right time in our lives. I enjoy her, we enjoy her. she doesn't lack in love. She is fought over. There is just something about her. She brings a new, a beginning to each day. And the funny thing is I am almost 40 and I believe she has helped me find the one thing that I've always been missing in this Mama journey and that one thing is PATIENCE. Can you believe it? And I love her with all my heart...............

136. Our Quiverful
137. My Gentle Giant
138. My Sunshine Girl
139. My Butterfly Girl
140. My Little Bubby
141. My Sweet Pea, My Sweet Baby Boo

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