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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tucked Away In A Small Box

Tucked away in a small box filled with jewels that I  save only for Sunday's best, is a letter, a letter that I return to every now then.  The words scratched on paper, they are only meant for me.

And they came from his heart, written for my heart. The words fill my eyes and I melt. Oh how I love him. I always have, from the moment we met. I ran home to tell my Mama  "I found the man I'm going to marry." It was something I had never encountered before....Feelings so strong. Just a young girl not knowing where to go in this journey we call life. I wasn't looking for it. I wasn't aware that there could be anything like it. They always tell you "When you find it you will know, you will just know."

 After 19 years I still get butterflies inside when he walks through the door, I really do. Why do they keep coming back? The butterflies that entangle my tummy and make me feel all warm. It's because he loves me. Not because of the words written, but for the actions given. He loves me.

Always wanting to please me. Knowing that communication is key to a strong marriage. I tell him everything......My best friend. And he listens in the quiet of the night and gives advise. That's when he gives his love. A love given so freely. That's when the "I love yous" whisper through the room, when all is quiet and the sand man has found the ones already tucked in bed.

And though I'm not as young and slender as I use to be. The 5 blessings have left reminders on my skin that has been stretched thin. I let him know how embarrassed I am that I had let myself go this way, And he caresses me any way. He pulls me in close, like he's never gonna let go. He thinks I'm still beautiful anyway. He loves me anyway. Anyway that I am. My hair all a mess, my face not done.

It doesn't matter to him I'm still his princess, the one he met almost 20 years ago.

And he knows I'm here for the long haul. I'm here for him, what ever he needs I will be here. As I pour his glass of tea I'm thankful for this man God has given me. This hard working man who still wishes to please me.

And until the day that I'm no longer breathing and my heart is no longer beating I will adore him and pour his glass of tea. Because it's the little things that matter. The actions of love that really matter. So let the butterflies fly and the quiet nights come. I'm still in love....... We are still in love........


  1. What a precious post! I’m thankful you have a man like that. I know that love as well. It is rare and I appreciate the precious gift I have been given of being loved by my husband. We are blessed!

  2. Beautiful! I really love this post.

  3. Beautiful post. What a wonderful reminder you have in the letter.

  4. I followed you from Ann’s

    This is a beautiful post – You are still his princess – (sigh)

    Thank you for this.

    God Bless

  5. The little things can matter so much. This is sweet.