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Friday, August 13, 2010

Soon It Will Be Her Turn

Sisters stretched apart by miles and wanting so bad to be together now. Big Sister has had her first child and this time is so important. A time to cherish. Middle sister, her arms are longing to hold her very first blood niece. The very first to the three daughters of a farmer's wife.

And I remember them, I remember them as little girls so sweet, so precious. Never thinking about this day, that they would have their very own little blessings. And I smile at each picture that pops up on my news feed. I've watched all three grow into beautiful young women. I've known them all their lives. Once their babysitter now their Aunt. And to middle sister, we have that special bond that has held on and held close through the years. I know how middle sister feels. I've been where she is. So far away from the ones you love. Especially at moments like this when just jumping in the car is not an option.

The IM pops up on my computer screen saying how frustrated she is, that she can't hold her now. She's not the next in line, she wasn't one of the first. I tell her just to hold on, hang in there, your turn will be soon. Soon you will beable to sweep that precious newborn up in your loving arms. And it will feel like you have known her all your life, you will never want to let go, you will never want to leave. There is just something so bonding between family when there is a first child, first grandchild, first niece. So let the count down begin and the pictures fly through cyber space, from cell phone to cell phone. Your turn will come......... Soon it will be your turn.

The pictures were taken by the youngest sister, Hillary Jenkins

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