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Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Circle

I wanted to look up the word family in the dictionary.....I needed to know what it said. I already know in my heart how it feels, to be a Family. I wanted to see if the definition matched what my heart feels. It was very vague to say the least. It said people living in the same house under one roof. Oh but there has to be  more, so much more than sharing a roof.
So as my finger slides down the page it points me to, not one word , but........
These four words I didn't expect to see........Family Bible and Family Circle, and yet their definition...is not what my heart feels.

Family Bible: A large illuminated bible to record weddings , births, and deaths.

Family Circle: The close members of a family and intimate friends.

When I think of family, my heart feels a strong bond, a feeling of just being able to be you. No pretending, no fake smiles when all you want to do is just "be". It's being annoyed and talking it through, It's the unconditional love that lets you back in when you thought you've been tossed out. It's being able to sit together and not having to say a word. It's laughing, it's crying, it's kissing and hugging. Holding on to what used to be and grabbing on to what's to come. It's never forgetting where your from and always knowing you have a home.

 My definition of family would not end with just the people under one roof........My family lives under many rooves and there are times that we all get together. Not as often as I would like, mostly on ThanksGiving and Christmas, but we still get together. When does it all start? I mean when do we stop coming together as much as we should? And why does it have to be only on holidays? And why do we feel that we have to call before we come over? And why can't we just pop in and grab a bite to eat when we want to? When do we start to feel uncomfortable and not feel at home with the ones that were always there? The ones that helped shaped our lives into who we are today. Oh may it never be.......May it never be that we forget about those that were there in the beginning.

I feel walls are building....slowly but surely building and dividing. I'm not sure where. I'm not sure how, but it's a feeling I get. And this is where the family Bible comes in, it's there for more than just the recordings of life and death. It's there for the reading and the drinking in. The filling of the soul. The bible forms one body to all who read and believe it. And if we are the body of Christ, shouldn't we all know how to live as a family?

Family: An intimate realtionship with a large circle that has formed and started by just two people. It's a Family circle made up of Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, cousins And in-laws, nieces and nephews. It's sharing a bond like no other, It's having their back and them having yours. It's kicking your shoes off and coming on in and staying a while. It's always knowing you have a place in this world that you can truly call home. It's keeping in touch even though the distance is keeping us apart. It's keeping in touch even though we are right next door. Family...........is LOVE!


  1. So wonderfully said! Relationships (family) are something that have to be worked at. Its seems, unfortunately distance,time,death and circumstances are weighing heavy on me and my five siblings. I long for those memories of everyone together.
    IN HIM,