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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weathering the Storm

And the storm came rolling in. Thunder roaring, lightning cracking. We've all heard it before. It was nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary.
The storm, it looked like any other. And then it happened, the loud boom. The house shook, lights flickered and things crackled. I knew we had been hit, but I didn't know where.
This poor old tree took the brunt of it all, along with our phone line and some raised shingles on our roof. My internet was down for a couple of days.
And I was alright with that. The internet being down I mean. We have weathered this storm. So many times His voice speaks like thunder and cracks like lightning to get us to hear. And other times It's like the calm before the storm, peaceful and quiet, just a slight whisper is all we may need......... to hear.
The storms in our life may split us wide open until we are all raw and bare. And they may leave us all shattered with splinters, splinters that run deep into the soul.
And the tears they do come, because the storm has been too hard and lasted too long, but it's in the storms that we find strength. It's in the storms that we find answers. It's in the storms that we cry out His name. And it's through the storms that He will carry us until we get to the other side. Until our wounds from the splinters have healed. With Him you can weather any storm. How would we know that He delivers, if it weren't for the storms.
We all came out after the storm to survey the damage. To see what was left, to see what we could salvage. And ya know, we were able to save the tree. We picked up what was broken and shattered. We cleaned up the mess.

Let Him pick up what is broken and shattered in your life. Let Him clean up the mess. Life will always have Storms, that's a given. But you don't have to weather them alone.

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