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Monday, July 19, 2010

Touching With Our Eyes

They called five times tonight between them both. You don't really appreciate the hugs and the kisses until the distance makes it impossible. You don't realize how much you need the embrace until your arms are yearning for them.
And they are my world, they are who I am, they are what I do, they are what I know, they are my life. It's hard to imagine it any other way......my life with out them, I mean. This tree is bare with out her leaves. I still have three at home, but I still feel bare. A part of me is gone when they are away.
I lean toward the Son to fill my emptiness, to cover what is bare. To feel the warmth of His peace as I pray for their safety.
And Mama bird, her nest is empty. They all flew away. I know that my heart is being prepared for that someday. Someday they will all fly away.

He calls again, "Mama can you get on Skype?" But son I just talked to you. "I know, I just want to see you." It's funny, we can't touch, but we can touch with our eyes and some how it helps. It helps to ease the ache we are feeling inside. Touching with our eyes, it's so nice to see the smile attatched to their voices. So nice to see their eyes light up! Someday my nest will be empty, but for now, this is my life and it is a full one.

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