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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Into a Uniqueness All HIS Own

They look like little men in green hats. Up from the ground they came. growing in deep purple, almost black.
It's funny to me how life grows. Starting from a tiny seed, and then forming into a uniqueness all it's own. From the dirt this eggplant came. From the dirt we all came. It's the dirt that reminds me of how filthy the soul can be. My heart and soul knows all too well how unworthy I am.
My soul longs to stay clean. White as snow, forgiven by The Magesty of Purple.  And so I keep asking  Him for the soul drenched rain washing. The rain that makes you grow into a uniqueness all your own.
And then after you have been drenched with forgiveness The Son dries you off and shines upon you bringing out what was once almost black into beautiful vibrant colors.
And this is how you shine, this is where the light comes from. With out His forgiveness your soul stays black and dirty, like the ground you were made from. And in the end this body of mine will go back into the soil, but my soul will soar. With all the light that lives in me, my soul will soar to the heavens.
This cleaning of the soul, you can't do it on your own. There is nothing you can do that will be good enough. The work has already been done. The price has already been paid. The only thing that's left, is for you to surrender your dirty soul and let His forgiveness rain down upon you. Let the Son shine through you. Allow your self to grow out of the dark and into the light. Into a uniqueness all HIS own.

61. Eggplant
62. The Son
63. The deepest of purples
64. Little green hats
65. Eggplant lasagna
66. I'm Forgiven

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