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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeling Blue?

The bluest of blues. For as long as I can remember blue has been my favorite color.
I'm not sure why they use the color blue to state how your feeling when your sad.
I don't feel sad when my eyes take the calming color in. And when I look at the brilliant blue sky I'm amazed at the many shades of blue that there are. My favorite time of day is Dusk, right before the sun goes down. When every thing has that blue hue. And the air lays still like a blanket, tucking in the day time creatures for the night. Except for a slight breeze every now and then whisping through your hair, bringing natures sweet smells for you to inhale.
Feeling Blue?  It may be that your life is lacking the color blue. Go out side and take in the color of the sky. Look towards the heavens.
Breathe in the sweet smells, take a break from where you've been. He will meet you where you are. No matter what color your lacking, He can give you the rainbow.

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