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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Almighty Physician and His nurses

The line in the waiting room is a long one. This is where the sick and broken wait..............
And one by one they take them in. Asking them where it hurts.

Good Doctors are hard to find these days. Ones that have the time to care. To take the time to ask questions and to answer questions. It takes a special person to do what they do. Our bodies are so complex. I know I'm not that special person. The sight of blood makes me weak in the knees.
Isn't that what church is for? For the hurt and the broken? For the sinners and the saints? Why are we all here, if it's not for the broken? We come together, to learn together, to heal together, to correct eachother. To hold eachother accountable. To help fix the broken.
Don't we all have the capability to at least be nurses..........nurses of the heart? Especially if Jesus occupies your heart. Don't you feel what He feels for the broken? No matter how big the hurt, Jesus can heal, He is The Great Physcian. And praying is our medicine. Taking the time to ask questions, to listen. To give a hug, to lend a hand even when you don't have the time. Make the time, take the time to care. Sometimes the hurt and broken don't want to be fixed, they don't "need" to be healed. But if we give up on them .........They will never feel the conviction, Never see the healing, And death will be forever.

 To be God's hospital we need to be His body......hands, arms and feet. But most of all Patience is of most importance. For it is in His time that the hurt and the broken become healed. I learned that lesson with my uncle. For years I prayed for his salvation. I wrote letters, it made him angry, but I kept on. I really began to doubt that my prayers would be answered.  But I kept praying and a couple of weeks before he died, he gave his life to the Lord. Cancer may have taken his body, but his soul won the victory.  Church is not a Country Club, it's a Hospital. And God is the almighty Physician and we are His nurses.  By the way, the line in the waiting room is a long one.

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