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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Am Broken

I'm here in the quietness of it all, wondering if I'll ever get it right? If I'll ever be what He wants me to be.........

I look back on my life to a time before Him. Have I really come this far? And yet I have so much more to go, so much more to learn. For if you believe you have arrived, it is then that you have just begun.

As I toss the day about inside my head, He gently and slowly shows me what I still need to work on. I tell Him what He already knows and yet when I speak it, and I hear the words, the words that reveal where I have failed through out the day, They become real and alive. Sin seems to creep into our lives, sometimes unannounced and many times we are very aware. I find I am a repeat offender in many areas of my life.

How many times can you fail and still be forgiven?

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, when my fellow believer sins against me, how many times must I forgive him? Should I forgive him as many as seven times?"

Jesus answered," I tell you, you must forgive him more than seven times. You must forgive him even if he wronged you seventy times seven. Matthew 18: 21-22

It's unlikely that we will keep track of the 490 times someone has sinned against us. But isn't Jesus is saying you should always forgive, just as He always forgives us?

I believe you need to be truly broken from the wrong you have done and  realize that you are a work in progress, that this life takes practice.   But an apology said for a sin and then done again out of pleasure is not a free pass. Repenting a sin and knowing your going to do it again is not true repentance and does not clear you of the wrong. It multiplies the wrong, and you are not forgiven.

The greatest need for any sinner is to have his sins blotted out, but a man will never have the pardon of sin while he is in love with his sin. There must be a hatred of sin, a loathing of it, a turning from it. Repentance is a revolution in dealing with our attitude and view towards sin and righteousness. Repentance is not something one does with his hands, but it is an inward attitude of the soul. Sin must become, in the eyes of the sinner, exceedingly sinful.
By Charles Spurgeon

So when this day comes to a close,I'll go to the Father, asking for forgiveness.....For I am broken by my sin. Truly Broken.

51. Merciful Savior
52. True Repentance
53. Forgiven

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