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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Soul Drenched Rain Washing

On a day like today I feel I need to be washed in rain. I would of went out, but the thunder kept me from getting my soul drenched. Have you ever just stood in the rain? Just to stand there and let it soak in and run down your face? It hides the tears if you have any.

On a day like today when nothing goes right and you seem to lose control of your tongue and your mind.....A dance in the rain cleans the soul. A soul drenched rain washing. It's been such a long, long time since I've played in the rain.

Water sustains life......A symbolism for a new life. And you shall rise up out of the water and be born again. Baptism is a one time thing, but a soul drenched rain washing should be often... I'm long over do.

This is our rainy season. Maybe tomorrow I can dance, play and cry invisable rain soaked tears. Tears of Thankful praise that I am forgiven much.  Understanding that I'm so not deserving of this Soul drenched rain washing. But that's why He is Grace and Mercy....

He did what no one else could do, what no one else would do. So stop working towards heaven. The work has already been done. He paid the price....Come dance in the rain with me.....Let Him know you need Him. You can't do this life with out Him. You can't go home with out Him.........

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