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Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Father God moving His furniture

The Sun is setting and the clouds are rolling in. Thunder is rumbling, Bolts of light are cracking. There is something about a thunderstorm that puts me in awe. I am amazed and relaxed. I never used to be that way.
Like my middle daughter, I used to be scared when they came rolling in. She is constantly looking out the window to make sure there are no big winds coming. The loud booms that sneak up on her, put fear in her eyes. I'm always telling her not to worry, that it's just Father God moving His furniture. That's what my Mama always told me.
It's funny how things get passed down from generation to generation. Like my daughter and I, My Mama and her Mama used to be scared of them too.  Only my Grandmother was so terrified that she would lock everyone in the closet til it was over. Now that was FEAR. My Mama did not pass that on, she stopped it, she stopped the fear. It's up to us what we pass down to our children. Instead she replaced the fear with humor and whimsy. My Mom needed humor during her childhood because Grandma was mentally ill. So she replaced the hurt and pain with whimsy and laughter. And some how she made it through. She went on to become an Amazing Mother. She refused to pass on what was given to her. Now, Mama and I welcome the storms with whimsy and laughter.

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