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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Life

What you can see when you take the time to notice. It's Saturday morning and with the sun brings a new born calf. Mama had him last night.

All around me there seems to be new life.

As the jasmine blooms.........

And our garden grows, it's all a sign, a symbolism of the new life you can have when you accept the one who gave His life.

And like a bird you can soar through the rest of your life, the rest of your new life knowing that your eternal home will be heavenly. For heaven is what we are truly reaching for.This is not our final destination. As new life springs forth, won't you think about your life? The new life that was meant for you and me. He paid it all. He did the work, He took the pain and turned it into Grace and Mercy. So we could begin again.
Yes.......... new life is all around me, reminding me of the One who gave His life, for you........ for me......for her.

7. New life
8. Flowers blooming
9. Sleeping baby

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