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Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Berry to Preserve

Berries pulled from the freezer, from last summer's harvest. These little red nuggets are like gold to me. Because the dear couple that raised them are old family friends. They have been there always. They are now getting on in years.......The berries start out bright red.
But when I add the sugar, I am reminded how they compliment eachother,The two together become a beautiful deep rich red. That's why we preserve them together. Without the sugar it would be too tart and without the tart it would be too sweet.
People and relationships are that way.....one compliments the other and when the mixture is just right it becomes beautiful and deep. You should take all the steps needed to preserve what you have.
The sweet old friends that grew these berries will always be preserved in my mind....I can't remember a time that they were not there.
Like so many others .....They make a good a mixture that compliments my life. Why wouldn't I want to preserve that?

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  1. WOW!!!!!! Bud and Fern would be so blessed. You made me cry again Kimmy. Love, Laura