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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What comes next?

I made a call  to one who has shared my childhood. She, like my sister has been there all through the years. Cousins are extended family, closely intertwined. We share a special bond even though miles separate.

 She said," we are having a family meeting tomorrow night." I knew what that meant. Her Daddy is dying. I feel her pain through the phone. If only I could hold her while she talks about letting him go. The miles are many and my heart is heavy, longing to be there. "We are going to discuss what comes next." She said.

 I've prayed and talked with her about the plan I know, the plan of salvation.  The one of certainty, the one where you don't have to worry about where you will be after this life. I'm afraid that won't be discussed in their "what comes next." It's so easy to grasp, so easy to hold onto especially when one is letting go of all they've known here in this mortal world. Right now all I can do is pray. In my small mind, Sometimes I feel like I should do more, but it's not me who does the saving, it's not me who creates miracles with one breath. And though I trust in Him and what He has instore, the pain is still there. It helps to know that the pain is only for this world.

So as I cling to the memories of younger days and times when us girls (cousins) did not think about this day that comes for everyone. I'm left with the thought that it's a choice we all have to make. Nobody can make it for you. Love is only love when it's not forced and He does not force His children to come to that safe, saving place. It's His love that asks you to come home and get out of the harsh wind of life. It's His love that wants you to be free from the pain and the tears. It was his love that sent His one and only Son to die for you. It's His love that brought you here And It's his love that can take you HOME!
So I am doing only what is left for me to do.....I am praying with all my heart with all the love that He has filled my heart with......That when they discuss "what comes next." I pray they all make that choice. The choice to accept His Love, to accept His Gift. I pray for clarity of their minds, that whatever they don't understand will become so vivid  they will not beable to  focus on anything else. I pray His Love comes to take her Daddy home, I pray His love will one day take them all home................

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