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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Be That Gift That's Worth Opening

How do you find the grace to change with the seasons? How do you let the Sun wash over you and be at peace as your vessel begins to fade to grey? And when do you find that moment where things just aren't the same? ..........Because it's always changing, some one is always growing, learning and turning into a different version of self.

They tell me it's a slow progression, but I tell you it's anything but slow. I turned my head, blinked for only a moment and here I am looking at my man and asking how we got from there to here so quickly....... and this life is only but a whispered breath. Mama says "The days are long, but the years are short." And she's grasping, trying to hold on.....I feel her pain of wanting those days back. At the same time she rejoices in the present.

So many times I ask how we can be in two places at the same time?  In One place your holding on not wanting to lose your grip , the other, your learning how to let go gracefully.
I don't claim to have the answers to life, but  I do know life is not meant to be lived alone. Life is meant to be shared. All the ugliness, all of the raw moments, all of the "fall on your face" kind of days, they were meant to be shared. All of the bitter sweet growing pain moments, All of the very first time moments, the sentimental moments, The whispered "I love you" moments, were meant to be given and not kept.

A life lived "Real" is a life worth sharing.

Even the messy, raw moments of life should be shared. To be real in front of on lookers makes them aware they are not alone in their mess.........That real people have regrets and make mistakes....That real people don't have it all figured out and no one should ever be put so high on a pedastal that they end up breaking when they hit the ground. Living this life can be confusing, but it's never with out meaning or direction. He is your light in the darkest of nights.

You are someone's God given gift. Someone He chose just for them. And you are more than likely a gift to multiple people. Be the gift that's worth cherishing, worth opening, worth remembering.......Because this life is but a whispered breath. Spend every moment as if it were your very last. Change is a given......Learn to grow from it. Learn to roll with it....But most of all, learn to share it!

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