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Monday, November 4, 2013

Watch The Grace Flow

I've often asked the question "If I could have it all together would I still be happy?" Every corner swept, every sock matched and every dust bunny shooed....Would I be better off than I am now?
If every runny nose was always caught before the drip, every supper always on time and the tea always made.....Would my life be perfect?
If I never raised my voice, always had a clean sink and never forgot my shopping list would there ever be any reason for GRACE?

If the baby had a bath every night, the kids all tucked in and prayers said and not forgotten.....Would there be need for a Savior?

Some days I come all ugly and soaked in sin. On most days I'm lucky to have my teeth brushed. And so many times there seems to be seasons where I can never get caught up and I find myself painfully wishing the next season would bring change. Oh but in my heart of hearts the last thing I want is change......

I've learned to accept the fact that having the perfect life is not where the happiness lies. It's not what makes my life rich. I've also learned how to let things go. I've learned not to be so hard on myself when things don't get done and my life doesn't look picture perfect. What I've learned is that there is a place and time for everything......And this time is for those blessings down the hall.

We need to accept the fact that there will be seasons where things are not going to be the way we would like them, but they are the way it is supposed to be for such a time as this. And as strange as it may sound we need to embrace the dirty faces, runny noses and the pitter patter of dirty feet running across our freshly mopped floors because I know with out a doubt there will come a day that we will long for the busy, crazy, hurried days.......The smudged windows and the living floor of toys scattered about that makes a bold statement,  life is lived here. That bold statement that also says, Love is unconditional here......That GRACE runs wild here and the need for a Savior speaks loud volumes here.

It's not to say that we shouldn't strive to become better, there is always room for improvement.....It's to say that there is always grace for those seasons in life that seem to last too long, (but never ever long enough)...

Motherhood is crazy confusing like that......Makes you want to leave and run back home the moment you get a mile down the road......Makes you love all wild and unconditional.......Makes your heart hurt deep in the most intimate places.....Makes you love like you never knew you could. Makes your life Happy, fulfilled and rich with blessings. And those blessings were meant specifically for you. God picked, God kissed, sent from above to bring Him glory......

If He is the ultimate GRACE GIVER the one who gives it freely, shouldn't we then learn how to give it too?

Mama I know this life can make your head spin. I know you have days that never seem to want to end, I have them too......But Mama give yourself some grace. Jump into His lap, let Him know you need Him so and then sit back and watch the GRACE flow.........

In this season of my life right now the theme seems to be "Letting go". I wanted to show you what I allowed myself to do when I let a few things go the other day........I enjoyed spending time like this....Don't seem to get to do it often cuz I always seem to have something else to do.......But the other day I let that something else go for a while......Sometimes we are so busy being a Mama that we forget who we are deep in our soul. (You are His child) We forget what simple things make us smile because we are so busy trying to keep others happy, quiet and content......Mama don't forget to let the grace flow. Enjoy just a little something for yourself once in a while. Be creative...Make a bold statement......Most of all know your not alone!

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