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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Putting This Place On Pause

Precious Friends,

So many days and hours spent here in this place. So many times I have been convicted by the very words that have been tapped out  in the quiet of the night.

I've been known to make excuses for the reasons I stay. Yes I believe that places like this are good to help uplift and to encourage but, sometimes I have to wonder, I have to ask what my real motivations are......Why at times I feel so compelled to stay.

Because if I were to be real, a place like this can make you all puffed up. Make you feel like your accomplished.....Make you confused about priorities and where they lie in this life. Make you someone your truly not.

You know me I'm all about being real....and I must tell you.....

I'm a failure.....

I fail daily. I handle my day to day tasks like they are heavy burdens to bare. I've been known to throw my hands up in the air, raise my voice and call it quits.

I fail daily at soaking His word in.....And it's places like these that take me away from the living. I've been known to blog about precious moments and prioritizing our time. And yet I still fail at this very same thing.

God has pressed upon my heart time and time again that virtual worlds cause Real life neglect. I've been given precious gifts. I've unwrapped them, been in awe over them.......But have never really given my 100% to taking care of them the way that they should be taken care of.....

Oh and I know all about grace, but grace is not an excuse to keep on making the same mistakes.

I love to write. I love to share what works and what hasn't. I love to share what God has taught me and He still continues to teach me every day.

I must tell you that the only way to truly make an impact for His people is to be present with His people. The virtual world can not make an impact like the gift of a real person serving another real person. To touch, smile at and love with real precious, spoken, audible words. That's what people remember. They remember the actions not empty words.

I need to make time for Bed time stories and random hugs and sweet kisses. I need to make time for tea parties, movie nights, quiet walks and long talks. I need to live this life real!

That's where I'm at right now........

I need to be present for the precious gifts given and for all I may cross paths with. I need to be His child. I need to listen more than I speak. I need to be where He wants me to be. And I feel Him pulling me away from here and from FB. I don't know how long I will stay away. I'm sure He will let me know if ever I am to come back here. For now I must say so long. I loved being here. Truly I did. I've learned so much as I shared with you. Been convicted more times than I can count......

But, now is the time to take this very conviction seriously. I will be deactivating my FB account 1 week from now. I will miss this place and you all so much.

I pray love and sweet blessings on each and every one of you and may you all find that place He truly wants you to be.

In Christ I dwell,


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