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Monday, September 30, 2013

It's In the Brokenness

This life is busy. I watch my days blur into nights. I often think about time and how we seem to exist only to watch the minutes race by into years. Oh but this mama knows we exist for so much more than mere minutes.

As a Mama, I often have mixed emotions about pressing the pause button  and skipping to fast forward. And God? He must sit up there in all His glory just shaking His head with a big ole' grin, saying "Some day that girl of mine, she'll get it right."

I come before Him all messy inside, stripped of my pride because more often than not I have failed at the very thing I have been called to do.

And every morning I wake up, I should be thanking God for the very breath that's with in me. I should be on my knees thanking The God who gives Gracious second chances abundantly. And how do you go about giving Him everything you have when you feel like you have nothing left to give?

When your fresh out of smiles and your meek and gentle spirit  seems to be M.I.A.......

You give Him what you have left.....

Your fuzzy mind and aching feet. Hand over the raw fleshy moments......The "oh what about me?" attitude "Who will wait on me?" kind of days.  Give Him your messy lil' self and let Him know you've come broken.

It's in the brokenness....His grace is in the broken shattered pieces of your jumbled up days. And as He is piecing together your one of a kind mosaic take care to notice where and how He places each piece......

Because there will be days that you will want to look back just to see how far He has brought you. You will want to pull from the colors and watch them shimmer in His light.

And Mama, don't ever think for a moment that He won't use all those broken moments to help heal another Messy Mama. They will notice your prism colored glass and they will have to ask because they are desperately seeking to shine in a way that pleases their Father.

It's in those moments, the ones that are full of loud reality, screaming for grace that others  so desperately need to see.....They need to see that they are not alone in this. They need to hear how life isn't always Face Book perfect.

They need to see a Perfect God bring all the broken pieces together to make their mess Beautiful.

Mama He hears you. He knows your heart and how much you want to get this Mama thing right. It will never seem right unless you let Him take charge of all that's messy...All that's broken....Give Him every last broken piece of glass and watch what He does..........

Mama your not alone.

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