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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkins And Chickens

 Good Evening all! Fall is finally here and I have been canning up a storm with the help of Sunshine and Butterfly Girl. This is absolutely my most favorite time of year! I so miss the crisp cool mornings and the change of the leaves up home but, memories are such a precious part of life!

This is one of my favorite pics. This was taken quite a few years ago. My how my kids have grown!!

 Pumpkin Season is here and my pie pumpkins have arrived! I'll be sharing a few recipes with you and all the amazing things you can do with pumpkin!

 I also I wanted to share with you about this natural pest control for your chickens!
Natural Pest control. So much better than harmful chemicals and you won't have to worry about eating chemical laden eggs! Diatomaceous earth (food grade)
I use this to dust my chickens with to get rid of  fleas and other pests. It's also a natural worming medicine. Just mix it with your feed  the bugs will stay out of your feed and the worms will stay out of your animals....There are no harmful side effects unless you breathe it in due to it's very fine powder like substance...You don't want it in your lungs!

Stay tuned I will be Jarring pumpkin shortly. I will be posting my recipe very soon!

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