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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lay Your Bible On The Table

The book lays open through out the day. When ever I get the chance and I'm passing through a room I stop, I sit and I soak in nutrients for my soul.

With my busy life and a teething baby it's hard to have a strict schedule. So I do the best I can and leave it open on the table in the kitchen or I bring it to the living room to catch a glimpse while I rock my baby.

If you want your children to have passion, let them see you read with passion. Let them know that you are willing to try anything just to get some Bible time in. Let them see how important it is to you.....how important Christ is to you.

Children are like mirrors...they image who they spend most of their time with. And Mama I believe whether you stay at home or you work out of the home, BE THAT MIRROR! As much as you can.....Even as tired as you are, they need to see what truly matters to you......They will see what matters to you.

There is no other way to stay grounded, filled up, replenished........If you try and live life with out Him, eventually you will crash and burn. 

Give everything over to Him. Lay it at His feet. Let him be in charge. The one that keeps your emotions in check and your heart guarded. You need Him Mama. I need Him........

And don't we all become rushed and we can't seem to find the time. May I make a suggestion?

Lay your Bible on the table. Any where in a central location. Leave it open. And when you pass it by, it's okay to stop every once in a while and soak in a few verses. It truly is better than nothing at all.

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