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Monday, June 17, 2013

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I often wonder if this is where I am suppose to be at times.....And how much time should I devote to here? I often read posts (and I have been one that writes them too) that say "I'm quitting FB or Face time or Instagram or Twitter!"

 And here are the reasons why:

There are too many horrible things flying across the web.

 It takes up to much of my time.

 It's a huge distraction.

It's not real quality time.

This virtual world keeps you sucked in a vacuum, away from reality.

My family is being neglected.

And all the while I wonder, are places like these really a bad thing? And why do we as Christians turn and run when we see too much ugly inhabiting the places and spaces we are free to roam? I recall God's word telling us to be a light, to go out into the world. And so many times we turn and high tail it outta here!!

And isn't that the problem?.........We forget who we are? We forget what we were called to do?

Yes I believe places and spaces like these can become a distraction....And yes even a temptation. BUT a doughnut can also become a temptation and a distraction...Trust me I know! The funny thing is? God gave us the freedom to choose our time wisely. He gave us the freedom to choose healthy. He gave us the freedom to choose between good and evil!

The old familiar saying "Everything in moderation" rings so true! unless it's of the dark one, then it should never be in question.

And so many times we choose to just completely walk away....Don't get me wrong there are moments we need to walk away....from arguments, gossiping, filth and anything that tares someone else apart.

But to be a light means we need to go and inhabit those dark places. We have sat silent, turned and high tailed it outta here for way too long! All because we are afraid of confrontation. We don't want to offend.....

Well beloved I'm offended by how spineless we Christ followers have become!

So as many times as I myself have wanted to turn and burn.......I stay. I try and use my time wisely. (still a work in progress) For as many as the percentages say there are Christ followers, WE should be blazing and lighting up these spaces with LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, TRUTH, SUPPORT, and GOOD. The "dark one" high tails it outta here when there is LIGHT.

So many times these places have become a place to request prayer and to lift up praises.....It's a useful tool for fast communication. And with the way this world is we need to stay in touch with each other. We need to support each other!

So I am here to stay. I will choose my time wisely. I will choose what I see and say wisely. That I speak all that is pure and lovely and used to build others up. I choose to have a spine!

Disclaimer: Please hear my heart I am not judging any one or saying they are spineless who may have chosen to give the virtual world a break for a while....I completely understand the need to break away from it all. Above all else you need to do what you feel is right for you and your family. You need to go where you feel GOD tugging you..........

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