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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I come all broken and my life all crazy. I forget to slow down and this twirling about all frantic makes my head spin.....makes me forget things that shouldn't be forgotten. But I have to ask if I'm broken enough......

I go about my every day and miss moments meant for them and make them my own. I dig deep and pull up faith and I have to wonder if it's enough Because I don't think I'm hitting the mark. 

And I hear Him in the quiet places of my soul and I find I have yet to be shattered. Shattered to the point of letting Him take every last piece and putting me back together the way He wants me to be. He tells me that I only give Him small broken pieces here and there. You know the ones that you and I are not quite sure what to do with so we throw it away....or give it back to Him.

And I am reminded of a broken vase. If you have all the pieces and you glue them back together it will still be able to hold water for your flowers. But if your missing just one piece, what you put in will all leak out.....

That's me, I'm the broken vase with the missing pieces. If I want Him to work in my life I need to be shattered. I want Him to take all that is broken and recreate a beautiful mosaic.  So I won't leak out selfishness, impatience, and frustration. So that when I serve, I serve with His eyes, His heart, His Love....Because beloved I can't do this on my own.......How easy it is for me to forget. How did I ever think I could be partially broken and serve with a leaky vessel? 

And even though I'm scared to be shattered....I believe being SHATTERED is the only way to be WHOLE.

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