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Monday, March 18, 2013

Comfort Places And Awkward Spaces

I create spaces and places in my mind so that they can be filled with sweet life.........

And I live with the intentions of creating memories....You know the ones that you tie up in pretty ribbon just so you can untie them again someday.

And it seems I'm having moment after moment of ribbon tying lately. Mixing and mingling with faces in certain places and I smile because this is what it means to LIVE life.

Eating ice cream with 8 middle school girls and playing the game Quelf. Being silly and doing things you wouldn't normally do other wise. Because things like that bring you closer....Make you real and touchable. And I look into the eyes of all of those girls and see my once awkward self, so afraid I'll never fit in. So afraid to live........I just want them to know how quickly these years pass and one day they will look back and wonder why all the fuss......I have this amazing urge to love on them and to just let them know how beautiful each and every one of them truly are.

Teaching scripture and realizing there are things we may never understand, but we can try real hard to learn together and love on one another because in the end LOVE is really all that matters.

My Open Door brings in people who were once strangers but so quickly become close friends. And I love to feed people and make them happy. I believe in being loved by someone other than the ones that already do, because in this world we need each other for every season and so many reasons.......

My daughters and I were able to help a homeless man the other day. We gave him a bag full of needful things. And I am reminded how spoiled I am. And how I need to get back to "simple" way more than I do. This man had such a thankful smile. I was blessed by his simple words....."Oh Thank you so much. I sure could use this!" And I'm thinking I sure could use LESS!

Worshiping The God/man who knew me even before I was cradled in my Mama's womb. Singing songs that melt my heart and stand me straight up because I can't imagine sitting down with a love so strong. And my hands are raised most of the night....uninhibited, unaware of 600 other brothers and sisters singing and praising right a long side me.

I noticed lately that moments come more often when your willing to open doors and windows. When your willing to be real and touchable. When you step out of your comfort places and step into HIS awkward spaces. Living life is more than an everyday chore. It can be an adventure if your willing to see with His eyes and follow His lead.....If your willing to LOVE the way He does.

The more I trust in His lead, the more incredible life gets! It may not always be Sunshine and rainbows, but I'm learning that  in everyday there is a hidden miracle or two just waiting for you to discover ........It's what you do with the miracles that matters in the end.

So if I'm not in this space often enough please forgive me, I was never one that liked a strict schedule.....I'm probably out tying ribbons somewhere. I promise I'll be back to share periodically to show you all my hidden miracles before I tie them back up for safe keeping.


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