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Monday, January 14, 2013

What is it?

It's funny to me, just when you think you have this God thing all figured out and then He shows you, you really don't have a clue. I thought I knew where He was taking me. I was sure He wanted me to go another direction......

And what is it when all of a sudden you feel that strong pull? When you didn't expect to stand up and say yes........What pulls you in the opposite way?

And when you try to find excuses of why you shouldn't, because really you don't have the time. Or do you? When all your excuses are excused away because He has found a way around them. He has found a way for you to serve although it might not be in the way you thought......

What is it when the chills, chill and the goose bumps, bump? When your thoughts gravitate to something or someone other than you or what you had in mind.....

I was apprehensive...I said I had to think it over and pray.

Come Sunday morning He spoke to me through out the service. And what is it when you feel like your the only one in the room among hundreds? When the message was made for just you........When the answer was in the preaching...

He may not be sitting directly in front of you giving you the answers to all your questions. But if you are still just long enough, If your sincere at heart, He will show you in all the small ways. In all the chilled goose bump ways. He will talk to you in a Sunday morning Sermon. He'll pull out all the stops, excuse all of the excuses and show you, you had the time all along.

He speaks to you through your Husband pushing you out of bed to get ready for Church. He speaks to you through your children reading their Bibles late at night. He speaks to you through the rising of the sun and as it sets to tell you your day is done. He scatters the stars and showers the rain. He blows the wind on a hot summer day. He brings the thunder and calms your storm.

He is what makes you feel and think the way you do. He is what pulls you in the opposite way of where you wanted to go. He is all the answers......... to your, What is it?

He is God

And who knows....that direction I wanted to go in, may be in the near future. This may be just a stop along the way, a stepping stone to prepare me for what's next.....

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