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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Pause Button

I often talk about putting a hold on life. If there were a big pause button I would of pushed it several hundred times by now. As a matter of fact if there were a rewind and fast forward button I would of used them many, many times as well.

I would of fast forward all the moments filled with pain, hurt and broken pieces. I've often wanted to rewind to the places where I can hug the neck of a loved one that is no longer here this side of heaven. Just to be given the chance to tell them all the precious things I never did when they were here. Just to see their sweet smile and hear their cracklin voice......To hear their laughter just one more time. To be given the chance to take it all in...to breathe in their life and never exhale.

But I know why the power to FF, RW or Pause was never ours to possess......

We would never learn if we kept pushing buttons to skip life's lessons. Never experience the true meaning of GRACE and LOVE.  We were meant for change because it's in changing that we grow. While our Faithful God remains the same, always good and just. Putting life on pause would never reveal how precious life is. Time flies for reasons un-seen until we are forced to see.

I've grown stronger...I've loved harder...I've forgiven much because much was forgiven of me. I would of never known how precious this life unless life had not been given.

When I'm feeling blue and this world seems so full of hate. And the heart aches just keep coming and loved ones keep leaving.......

I am blessed with the promise of Forever Heaven. And one day when my heart no longer beats I will be reunited with those who share in the promises of the redeemed.

I will go on living this life in the time that God has set for me. Living it for Him, keeping each precious moment tucked sweetly in my heart. Loving passionately.....Living so there are no regrets.

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32

Live this life with all the love that was given. Love came for you ...for me, to rescue us from all that this world tries to bury us with. He is our HOPE, our REFUGE, our PEACE.....He is LIFE!

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